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Newborn Shoots 

LaLa Nashville

Simple and Sweet photoshoot where baby remains wrapped! This helps the session go quickly and baby is snuggled up and happy! 

LaLa Nashville

Coming Soon! 

Get a little extra time to get some of the photos of baby unwrapped!  Perfect for families who want a mini family session and one look for baby! 

LaLa Nashville

Coming Soon! 

If you want it all! The classic is for you! The classic gives enough time to get in a few themes as well as family and sibling shots.

Birthday Shoots



LaLa Nashville
Cake smash LaLa Photography Nashville

Ages 1-99! Book here to celebrate your special day! 

Get messy! Our cake smash session is amazing! All ages are welcome to book a cake smash! This option is for one set 

LaLa Nashville

Our Cake Smash deluxe gives you a little extra time to  include family photos or a bath splash! 

Family Shoots 


Our monthly special theme changes throughout the year!  These sessions are perfect to shoot all year long and show off your growing family!! 


Traditional family session for up to 6 people. Now is the right time to remember these fleeting moments! 

Maternity Shoots 


Calling all extended families!  Groups of 6 plus get extra time and extra photos! We make sure to get all the combos you want! 


Let the world know if a fun and creative way that you are expecting! 


Team Pink or Blue! Which one are you?  Come find out at LaLa Photography! 


Freeze this moment forever, and celebrate the new life within you! Partners and siblings always welcome at no extra charge. 

Baby's First Year 


Infants need a little extra time! Our infants are shot in our special Infant room, that helps reduce stimulation and keeps them cozy and happy! 


When your baby is ready to sit, they graduate to our big kids studio!  These sessions are super sweet and can include up to 2 sets! 


One quick set with your growing bundle of joy!  Our discovery minis are a great way to come in throughout the year! 


What can I buy with my credit? 

Most session you book with LaLa Photography comes with a credit to purchase photos. The credit will be indicated when you book.  Most of our sessions either include 3 /5 digital images OR a $59 /$99 credit to upgrade.  If you have any questions about how this credit works, please feel free to call us anytime for help! 615-431-3779

Photography Studio Nashville



If you are looking for the rights to your digital file,. then our Digital Packages will be perfect for you!  You will receive full resolution files that you can print out as big or as much as you would like! 

Photography Studio Nashville



For clients who would like  professional prints and service,  choose our print packages. We ensure the quality and longevity of your prints.  

Photography Studio Nashville



A CD in a drawer cannot be cherished everyday.  Canvas in your home is a priceless piece of art that freezes time, and puts a smile on your face everytime you pass.  

Photography Studio Nashville

Albums,Minis, Cards


Coming Soon!!! 

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